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  • Werewolf

This is a version of the classic party game "Werewolf", except in this version you can use photographs of friends to represent the various characters in the Village.

Very simple to set up and play, but endlessly enjoyable thanks to its mix of deception, psychology, memory and of course the power of mob rule!

Each player is assigned a card from the deck at random, and this determines their role in the game. Villagers have to kill all the werewolves, werewolves have to eat all villagers. Plus there are some special characters with extra powers.

A very straight-forward game, but which can be played for hours as players get caught up in the drama of trying to spot the lying wolves, or (if they're wolves) avoiding being caught.

The game contains 18 cards meaning up to 18 players can play at once. Each card can be customised, so you will need to select 18 photographs of friends to create your game. The cards come packaged in a plastic storage box. Once you have placed your order you will also receive instructions to download a copy of the rules.

Note: this game is based on the original "Mafia" game devised by Dmitry Davidoff at the Moscow State University psychology department. The theme was given a Werewolf twist by Andrew Plotkin in 1997. In fact we also supply a version of the Mafia game too. The two games are basically the same, some people like to be assassinated by mafia hitmen, others prefer to be eaten in the moonlight by wolves - the choice is yours!

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