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The original psychological game which inspired the now famous "Werewolf"! A game for up to 18 players. Some of your group are members of the Mafia, but can you find them? And can you find them before they get to you...?! 

During the night phase the mafia decide who they are going to assassinate. During the day phase the people must talk among themselves and try to work out who are the mafia. They get to arrest one player each day, and they guess correctly the mafioso ends up behind bars. Can they round up the entire mob before they all get whacked?! 

Use photos of friends and family to represent all the characters from the game: the Godfather, mafiosi, detective, barman, prostitute, undercover cop, vigilante, bodyguard, and the regular Joe's.

Upload photos from your computer or from Facebook. Assign photos to each card and then you're done! Wait for your new custom deck to arrive in the post.

Cards are 2.5" x 3.5" (the size of a standard playing card) printed at 300dpi onto a satin finished card. Box contains 18 cards. Once you've made your purchase you will be sent a link to download a full set of game rules.

NEW! If you really want your cards to last you can now print onto 100% plastic cards. These are a bit more expensive but they will last a whole lot longer!

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